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Boy Capel

Captain Arthur Edward „Boy“ Capel CBE (1881 – 22 December 1919)

... was an English self-made tycoon, intellectual, author and well known sportsman. He was also the big love of the fashion designer Coco Chanel, whose business he helped create.
Capel, a close friend of Clemenceau the French prime minister at the time, fought in the First World War and as a consequence wrote „Reflections on Victory and a project for the federation of governments“, which was published in 1917. His ideas, which he based on the thoughts of Sully and Henry the IV were that only a federation of governments could save the continent. He also urged people to think and act activly against the interest of sovereigns, nationalists and the military for a peaceful union of states.


boy capel was

... a federalist
“federation of governments - l’union fait la force”*

... an idealist
“cynics are not creators” *

… a believer in humanity
“secure in the faith that we are fighting for liberty, justice and security in the interests of humanity against the dark forces of evil.”*

* Quotes by Arthur Edward „Boy“ Capel